Why Choose the OFCA

Top 10 Reasons for Artist to choose the
Old Florida Celebration of the Arts

  • FOCUS IS ON THE ART - 100 high-quality, talented and creative artists are selected by an experienced jury and are generously spaced along the venue facilitating relaxed flow and engagement between artists and visitors. Advertising focused on ART strives to draw an enthusiastic art-buying audience of 15-18,000 annually.

  • HIGH ARTIST SATISFACTION RATINGS - In the annual post-event survey, 80-95% of participating artists report being “highly or moderately satisfied.” The festival is repeatedly described as being “one of my favorites each year” and “extremely well organized.” Many artists add “please invite me back next year!”

  • AWESOME ARTIST AMENITIES - Complimentary Breakfasts, friendly Block Captains who serve as booth sitters and knowledgeable problem solvers, help with set-up and take-down as needed, easy access to the Artist Hospitality Center and a relaxed Saturday evening Artist Reception are hallmarks of the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts’ Hospitality.

  • REASONABLE APPLICATION ($25) AND BOOTH FEES ($200) - In addition, coordinators work hard to meet artists' booth location requests. An additional booth space may be requested for $200.

  • $8,000 in PRIZE AWARDS - Each year a different, experienced and well-qualified judge from outside the community awards the following (Best of Show - $1500; Best 2D ($1000); Best 3D ($1000); 4 Awards of Excellence and the CKAC Creativity Award ($500 each); and 10 Awards of Distinction ($200). Judges are asked to engage with every artist on Saturday during the judging process.

  • WELL FUNDED PURCHASE AWARD PROGRAM - The Purchase Award Program has been generously supported by local businesses and community members since 2010. Annually $5,000 - $10,000 in Purchase Award Coupons are purchased prior to the event demonstrating the support of the community for the festival and its artists.

  • CEDAR KEY’S UNIQUE SETTING - When you cross the bridge onto the islands of Cedar Key, 60 miles SW of Gainesville at the end of State Road 24, you are transported to back in time. Before hosting one of Florida’s first fine arts festivals in 1964, Cedar Key was already a haven for artists inspired by its quiet, natural beauty. That beauty remains and each year this event attracts both art-loving visitors and artists from around the country.

  • THE CEDAR KEY COMMUNITY - The number one reason that is given for coming to Cedar Key by visitors and artists alike is --- the people! Without the hard-working employees or the local businesses, the support of the City of Cedar Key and the amazing number of volunteers that it takes to put on a festival in a town of only 800 residents, the Old Florida Celebration the Arts would not carry its well known welcoming reputation.

  • CEDAR KEY SEAFOOD, HOMEMADE GOODIES & MORE - Of course, in a coastal community like Cedar Key you will find local oysters, clams, grouper, and more at the various restaurants in town. But on festival weekend, you won’t want to miss the homemade baked goods, mullet dinners, clam fritters, shrimp sticks, and other treats served by local non-profit organizations in beachfront City Park to benefit their local organizations.

  • ANNUALLY ONE OF THE TOP 5 SMALL TOWN ART FESTIVAL IN AMERICA - Over the past decade, the OFCA which returned to a juried fine arts show in 2006, has been named repeatedly as one of the Top 5 Small Town Juried Art Festivals in America by ArtFairCalendar.com and it has also received recognition as one of the Top 10 Fine Art Festivals in the country several times.